Teaching and practices for a life time of fulfillment on the Inner Path.

Student Testimonial
"Awakened Heart School is the right place for all who want to enrich their lives by looking more deeply at their spiritual aspirations and struggles. The stage is set by Mimi and John, two extremely knowledgeable and caring teachers who have skillfully created a learning space that is creative, nurturing, informative, and challenging. I keep coming back to the well. "

- Pathgroup 2011 - 2012

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The Awakened Heart School
26 First Street
Albany, NY 12210

The Awakened Heart School

The Awakened Heart School offers a holistic and developmental approach to the spiritual life that incorporates the wisdom of the religious and mystical traditions of the world, philosophy east and west, modern depth psychology, and the emerging contemporary spiritual paradigm that provides what we call a New Story for our time.

  • Meditation Practices from the World's Esoteric Traditions
  • In-Depth Teachings on the Spiritual Path
  • Inquiry - a Practice for Self Revelation
  • Sharing and Discussion
  • Creative Arts


MIMI O'Neill
Mimi O'Neill
John O'Neill
John O'Neill

Awakened Heart School Offers

The Foundations Course I and The Ongoing Path Group
Two Semester Courses, September - June

The purpose of human life is the maximum unfoldment and realization of each person's individual potential and true nature.