AHS Overview: The Approach, Purpose & The Four Domains
Hermit Thrush by Tom Whelan

Photos provided by Mimi & John O'Neill

The Awakened Heart School
26 First Street
Albany, NY 12210

The Approach

The Awakened Heart School offers a holistic and developmental approach to the spiritual life that incorporates the wisdom of the religious and mystical traditions of the world, philosophy east and west, modern depth psychology, and the emerging contemporary spiritual paradigm that provides what we call a New Story for our time. The Awakened Heart School is founded on the mystical experience of wholeness that brings with it a sense of wonder, mystery, and sacredness, and a desire to know about the deep nature and meaning of life. The Awakened Heart School affirms that the purpose of human life is the maximum unfoldment and realization of each person's individual potential and personal nature in the midst of the joys and challenges of everyday life. The Awakened Heart School addresses the great questions and themes of human existence from a perspective founded on wisdom, compassion, individual realization, and creative expression. The Awakened Heart School is non-dogmatic and is not affiliated with any particular religion or tradition. We honor the wisdom found in all traditions and paths. We affirm the principle of spiritual liberty and encourage each participant to develop their own unique potential leading to greater understanding, realization, and fulfillment.


The Purpose of the Awakened Heart School

The Awakened Heart School introduces participants to teachings and practices that can form the basis for a life-time of fulfillment on the inner path. The purpose of the Awakened Heart School is to assist participants to live a richer, deeper, more meaningful and more fulfilling life; to develop deeper realization, creativity, satisfaction, and happiness; to explore the fundamental experiences of human life; to develop a dynamic and creative approach to life; to learn meditation and self-inquiry; and to develop a community of teaching and support for the inner journey.


The Four Domains

The Awakened Heart School recognizes four domains of human experience which must be cultivated as part of a complete spiritual path. Many spiritual paths work deeply with one or two of these domains but fail to develop all four fully. Whether a student is new to the inner journey or has worked for years in a traditional path, the Awakened Heart School offers an in-depth introduction to these four domains.

  • The realizational /mystical/noetic/mind/wisdom
  • The devotional/sacred/relational/heart/love
  • The personal/transformational/psychological/individual
  • The creative