The Facilitators
Hermit Thrush by Tom Whelan

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The Awakened Heart School
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John O'Neill, Ph.D.

John O'NeillJohn O'Neill, Ph.D., is a contemporary mystic with degrees in Comparative Religion and Humanistic Studies in addition to over twenty-five years of service as a Spiritual Guide, Pastoral Counselor, and Retreat Guide. He served as the Dean (International Secretary) of the Universal Worship, a multi-denominational form of religious observance, and directed its ministerial training in the Unites States and Europe for almost 20 years. John has received in-depth training in Sufism and the Christian and Buddhist traditions and has taught at the University of Washington and the University at Albany, New York. He is the author of Toward a New Mystical Poetics of God, a book about the contemporary experience of the divine, combining insights from modern science, deep ecology, feminist thought, world mystical traditions, poetry, and philosophy. John is also the author of First Light: Selected Poems (forthcoming) and has published poetry and essays in a number of periodicals. He is currently writing a book about religion in the contemporary world and collaborating with Mimi O'Neill on a book presenting the Awakened Heart School Foundations One teachings. John has a deep interest in creativity, ritual, and the experience of the sacred in the everyday life of individuals and communities.


Mimi O'Neill

MIMI O'Neill Mimi O'Neill is a long-time facilitator of spiritual and inner growth with many years of service as a Spiritual Guide, Pastoral Counselor, and Retreat Guide. She studied and taught within the Sufi Order of the West for many years where she was co-director of a large and vital spiritual community. She was a student of the Ridhwan School, studying the Diamond Approach, a synthesis of modern psychology and East-West spiritual teaching for over twelve years. A professional classical musician and singer, she studied the "Zen of Sound" in the 1970's in Stuttgart, Germany, after which she went on to develop a training school in sound healing and voice work now called "SoulSong." She has concertized, taught seminars on music and healing, and guided retreats and workshops on the inner life for over thirty years in the US and Europe. Mimi maintains a large and active community of singers in her Mimi O'Neill Studio of Voice. She is the author of Journey to the Sound God: Empowering Voice and Self Through Sound, and has produced CDs and tapes on vocal training and meditation.