Course curriculum
Hermit Thrush by Tom Whelan

Photos provided by Mimi & John O'Neill

The Awakened Heart School
26 First Street
Albany, NY 12210

Course Curriculum

Foundations Course 1:

Semester 1:   October, 2016 - January, 2017 *

Knowing the Self

Month 1: Presence, Curiosity, Truth, Inquiry
Month 2: Faith, Holding, Basic Trust, Fearlessness
Month 3: Blocks to Faith and Basic Trust
Month 4: The Inner Critic
Month 5: Personal Nature

* At the first class in October, we will go over the dates for the entire semester with everyone present.

Semester 2:   February, 2017 - June, 2017


The Self in Relationship
Month 1: Desire, Relationship, Love
Month 2: Object Relations: The clarification of projections, conditioning, beliefs
Month 3: God Ideal - The Formless God - Wonder, Mystery, Unity; The God of Form - Prayer, Worship, Communion, Celebration, Sacredness
Month 4: All School Retreat
Month 5: The Whole Self, Satisfaction, Salvation, the New Story

Classes are held in a personal and warm atmosphere, with clear structure and direction. Simple homework assignments of meditation practices, readings, and self-reflection are given each month.

Both facilitators are available for private sessions with participants during the course. Two private meetings are offered per semester as part of the course instruction fee. Additional private meetings can be scheduled. (We will discuss this opportunity with the group at the first session).


All School Group Retreat:   May, 2017

An All School Retreat is held at the end of April or the begining of May, over a long weekend from Wednesday evening to Sunday afternoon. The retreat is held at a beautiful cabin facility in the Adirondack Mountains close to the Capital Region.