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Hermit Thrush by Tom Whelan

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The Awakened Heart School
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Upcoming events

In preparation for the Foundations 1 Course, and for those interested in learning more about The Awakened Heart School, we offer an introductory workshop:


Introductory Workshop

Saturday, September 17, 2016, 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Cost: $50, Lunch Included

The Awakened Heart School Introductory Workshop offers participants the opportunity to experience the teaching, methods, world view, spiritual practice, and community of the Awakened Heart School. Facilitated by co-directors Mimi and John O’Neill.

The Awakened Heart School offers meditation practice, teachings on specific themes, personal exploration and sharing, the practice of Inquiry - a self revelatory process, modern psychological thought and practice, simple movement, and music.


In this workshop, we will explore:

Basic Trust - Basic Trust is the foundational experience of feeling “held” and supported that allows us to relax and trust the process of life and to rest in our own deeper nature. In religious terms this is the experience of faith.

Presence - Presence is the innate ability to be present with oneself and with the world in the Now-moment with awareness, mindfulness, and wisdom. 

Inquiry - Inquiry is the practice of following the thread of one's experience with openness and curiosity into an awakened and deeply realized state of being.

Inner Critic - The Inner Critic  is the judgmental, self-critical inner voice that diminishes and limits our life's experience and sense of self until we begin to confront and question it. As we become more skillful at understanding and defending against the inner critic, we decrease its negative impact on our lives.



Awakened Heart School, 26 First Street, Albany, NY 12210 
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