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Hermit Thrush by Tom Whelan

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The Awakened Heart School
26 First Street
Albany, NY 12210

Format & Schedule

The Awakened Heart School classes comprise a combination of meditation practice, teachings on the specific themes of each class, personal exploration and sharing of our lives and inner experience, and creative expression. The teachings and practices are drawn from a variety of traditions as well as the life experience of the facilitators.

We investigate the wisdom about the deeper nature of ourselves and the larger whole offered by the great religious and philosophical systems of the world. We work with meditation practices taken from Buddhism, Sufism, and other major spiritual traditions. We use creative work, music, and poetry from many traditions. We draw on modern psychological thought and practices as an integral part of spiritual work. We emphasize the practice of Inquiry, which is a method of cultivating self-revelation and personal depth.

Our class experience will be enhanced by creative work, personal sharing, discussion, simple movement, and music. Through our regular sharing and practice together we develop a nurturing and long lasting community of friends and fellow travelers on the path.

The Foundations Course 1 comprises two five-month semesters which provide an essential foundation for the spiritual life. This course concentrates on the most fundamental knowledge and experience needed for a deep, rich, meaningful, and satisfying life. Each month concentrates on a different theme central to the spiritual journey.

The Foundations Course 1 is limited to a maximum of 20 people. A typical class includes in-depth meditation training using practices from the world's esoteric traditions, teachings on monthly themes, personal inquiry exploration and sharing in smaller groups, self-reflective practices in diads and triads, discussion, music and other creative arts, drawing and movement.

Classes are held in a personal and warm atmosphere, with clear structure and direction. Simple homework assignments of meditation practices, readings, and self-reflection are given each month.

Please check our Admissions Page for more information on admissions requirements and procedure.



The Foundations Course 1 classes are held one Saturday morning (9:30am - 1:00pm) and one Thursday evening (7:00pm- 9:30pm) per month.

Private Sessions

Both facilitators are available for private sessions with participants during the course. Two private meeting per semester are offered as part of the course instruction fee. Additional private meetings can be scheduled.



All School Group Retreat

An All School Retreat is held at the end of April, over a long weekend from Thursday evening to Sunday afternoon. The retreat is held at a beautiful cabin facility in the Adirondack Mountains close to the Capital Region.

Further Study

After completing Foundations Course I, the Awakened Heart School offers participants the opportunity to join the On-Going Path Group. This group receives further in-depth curriculum, training, and practice, as well as the opportunity to be part of a growing and vital spiritual community.