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The Awakened Heart School
26 First Street
Albany, NY 12210

Requirements & Expectations, Admission & Fees

Expectations and Requirements of the Awakened Heart School

The Awakened Heart School is a serious and joyous course of study and practice. Participants are expected to make a commitment to regular attendance and ongoing individual practice. The teaching portions of each class will be recorded. Participants are expected to stay current with sessions in the event they are unable to attend a meeting.

Admission Procedure

Admission to the Foundations Course 1 is by application and a personal interview with one of the facilitators. The deadline for admission applications is early September. To apply please follow directions in the "Admission Applications" section below.


The cost is $350.00 per semester, plus $400* for the group retreat, inclusive of lodging, program and main meals.
*Retreat fee subject to change depending on available lodging rates.

(Tuition can be paid in two installments by check, cash, or credit card. Retreat payment is due two weeks before the scheduled retreat.)

Admission Applications

Please either use the form below or download and print a pdf version of the application from 2016 AHS PDF Application.


1. How did you learn of the Awakened Heart School?

2. What has attracted you to take this training and what are you seeking through doing this training? Please describe any goals, expectations and current themes of engagement you bring to this work.

3. Please tell about your educational, religious, and spiritual background. Include information about any psychotherapy, growth work, or spiritual training you have done.

4. Please tell us about your talents, skills, interests, and special experience.

5. Briefly describe your childhood, family background, and significant life experiences.

6. Please give us any pertinent information about your physical or mental health.

If you have any other questions please call:(518)432-0849 or feel free to
Applications can also be sent via e-mail. Upon receipt of your application you will be contacted for a personal interview.