application form

Admission Application Form

Please you the form below or you can download and print an pdf version of the application from 2012 AHS PDF Application.


1. How did you learn of the Awakened Heart School?

2. What has attracted you to take this training and what are you seeking through doing this training? Please describe any goals, expectations and current themes of engagement you bring to this work.

3. Please tell about your educational, religious, and spiritual background. Include information about any psychotherapy, growth work, or spiritual training you have done.

4. Please tell us about your talents, skills, interests, and special experience.

5. Briefly describe your childhood, family background, and significant life experiences.

6. Please give us any pertinent information about your physical or mental health.

If you have any other questions please call:(518)432-0849 or feel free to
Applications can also be sent via e-mail. Upon receipt of your application you will be contacted for a personal interview.